Personal Interactor is a consulting agency specialized in Information Systems architecture, security and integration. We do project management, product and service design, systems audit and business development for thoroughly selected, high value added products. Since Y2000, Information Technologies have penetrated many areas of worldwide economy. Mobility revolution had a major impact on the way we use technology and online services.

Massive use of e-commerce and outstanding success of video as a mean to train, inform, and provide intelligence are today echoin through the massive diffusion of smartphones, tablets and mobiles devices that have become our permanent and indispensable companions.

The Web evolves along these revolutions, in its most visible part made of UIs ot the billion or so websites and online services, but also in the way it makes sense through the vast amount of open data, more and more numerous, relevant, structured and linked together.

From 1998 on, Personal Interactor is analyzing and integrating all these changes in everyday’s technology to help companies and authorities in acquiring, analysing and disseminating data. Our consulting services target information systems and their security, as well as the information systems used to enforce security. As a matter of fact, every single security technology in both physical and logical security is now depending on information technologies whatever the field of application, signal processing, video, access control, alarm management and supervision.

The security of an organization or  collectivity must be thought as a global concern because the world we live in is globalized. Threats come from the physical neighbourhood, vandalism, burglary, as well as from the anonymous cyberspace. In both cases, they primarily destabilize, weaken and as intensity increases, they can disorganize or kill purely their target.

In the fight against risks and threats that are part of our environment globalization, technology as a  weapon is not an option anymore. The intrusion detection systems, access control systems, strong authentification systems  are modern battlements against frauds, thefts, agressions in the physical world as well as in the cyberspace.

Today’s security must be thought of as a full component of every project. Security by design, because we do not build homes without doors and locks.

Information systems are the core of our cyberworld. We develop a prospective of technologies, architectures and uses to design and integrate our solutions

Videosurveillance is called to a vast development thanks to trivialization of sensors and recording systems and also by new mobility usages.