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Knowledge engineer, security data scientist, awareness system architect
Eternity is now

Design Thinking applied to new services in Public Safety

“We are moving to a new age of predictive policing where officers will work alongside machines to gather and analyse data to support police investigations and operations, ultimately helping to prevent and reduce crime and enhance security.” Source:

Next Generation Video Surveillance

This article was presented during the Artificial Intelligence for Knowledge Management (AI4KM) conference in Melbourne. The complete proceedings are available at VORTEX Evolution Video Surveillance V1.3

WISIWYS© or generalised video presence

Dashcams, lightcams, bodycams, nannycams, refcams, dronecams, transported or wearable, smartphones, connected cameras: What I See Is What You See (WISIWYS) What is really announcing the French Prime Minister decision to systematize bodycams usage by French police forces, else than the new era of video surveillance, in sync with mobility new usages ? Bodycam Sensors miniaturization,

Parallel Analytics

What is a good video surveillance recording system ? Is it simply a system that provides storage capacity, reliability and redundancy ? Certainly not. At least not only. Indeed these qualities are necessary but the ability of the recording system to help finding near real-time events or forensic events is key. Too much time is

SAFE CITIES & SMART CITIES : Security by design

The right to be secure is part of the Universal declaration of Human Rights in its article 3 : “Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.” This notion is now bound to evolve as new threats on our lives come from the virtuality, although they impact us concretely. Not only do

The true value of simulation

When I decided to do audits and benchmarks of existing cctv operation centers, I had seen quite a large variety of installations and had no clue about how to assess an installation value and its potential for improvment and extension. CCTV operation is a fine blend of ergonomy and technology. It's emergency handling, synonym